Essential Rules for Road Safety

  • Get your Vehicle’s Air Pressure, Tyre , Brake , Lights and Indicators checked regularly.
  • Always Follow Speed Limits while Driving
  • Always be careful while taking a turn and look in mirrors
  • Always use Safety Helmets while Driving Bikes
  • Always Safety Belts while Driving Four Wheeler
  • Always keep distance from adjacent vehicles
  • Always control speed of vehicle while overtaking and being overtaken
  • Do no overtake Heavy Vehicles without having view of the road ahead
  • Always follow prescribed passengers limits
  • While Crossing a level crossing look both ways
  • Give proper signal and that too in advance while taking turn
  • Do not drive two vehicle parallel on roads
  • Keep Left while driving
  • Do not use mobile phones while Driving
  • Most important of all “Do not drink and Drive”

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Have a safe ride