We are an elite Taxi Service provider at Lucknow. All our taxies are equipped with modern day facilities such as Wifi, mobile recharge and charging facility, Drinking water, Snacks, Newspaper etc, for comfort of our clients. Safety of our clients is our priority thus GPS equipped vehicle are being provided with trained drivers.

Our Vehicles have an All India Permit thus they can commute to any part of the Country with ease. We provide best available prices and tariff among other cab service providers. Our LUXURY & COURTESY is unmatchable. Our cabs in Lucknow are available 24×7 for convenience of our clients to avail airport and railway station drop and pick up services. Our world class feedback system enables us to ensure continued patronage of our NRI clients.

We also provide taxi service for wedding and other occasions at subsidised rates. Feel free to contact us for all your family functions for the best in class cab experience and cab services.



Safety: With over 70,000 trips since SURYA’s inception, not a single at-fault accident involving personal injury has occurred. SURYA’s safety excellence results from a “safety-first” culture, which emphasizes safety training and regular vehicle maintenance by on-site mechanics.


Quality:We’re fanatical about maintaining Surya’s reputation for consistent high quality performance. Surya thoroughly documents each trip, scrutinizes exceptions, and swift action is taken to address improvement opportunities.


Service: Surya chauffeurs offers its customers consistent professional service excellence that exceeds expectations.


Staff: We carefully recruit and professionally train all of our staff. Our chauffeurs are impeccably attired and equipped to provide a one-of-a-kind luxurious experience.


Team: Unlike many of its competitors, Surya’s chauffeurs are employees, not independent contractors. Our chauffeurs are rigorously screened before hiring and we foster a culture of professional development.

Surya’s chauffeurs are employees, not independent contractors.


Vehicles: Surya’s fleet is pristine and well maintained, and employs an on-site mechanic.

We have an on-site mechanic.



Experience: Our management team has decades of operating experience in providing premier chauffeured services to our guests.


Technology: Our chauffeurs benefit from “real-time” transportation oversight; capability is furnished via a state-of-the-art GPS system and dispatch function


Accuracy: Corporate customers appreciate Surya’s timely, accurate invoicing, which facilitates traveler credit card reconciliation and swift reimbursement.


Value: Surya provides superior value for those seeking peace of mind via safe, on-time, quality services at a fair and competitive price.

Surya Tour & Travels has a reputation for consistent, high-quality performance, and the company strives to maintain this reputation in all that it does. All team members — including executives, customer service representatives, and dispatchers — are committed to delivering unparalleled service, but it must be said that chauffeurs are the true key to the “Surya Difference”.

Why is that? Let’s take a look at how Surya chauffeurs differ from other transportation professionals.

Valued Employees, Trusted Stakeholders

Unlike many other transportation services, which use independent contractors to operate vehicles and serve customers, Surya rigorously screens and vets chauffeurs before hiring them as employees. Surya chauffeurs are part of the company. As such, they have a stake in the company’s success, and they invest their time, effort, and energy in delivering great customer service.

Because Surya chauffeurs invest so much in the company’s success, Surya, in turn, invests in chauffeur success. All chauffeurs are thoroughly and professionally trained. They are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to offer unparalleled service on the road.

Beyond this, Surya further invests in chauffeur satisfaction by empowering them to take control of their employment. Chauffeurs have flexible schedules and quite a bit of control over their assignments. Surya Travels also helps chauffeurs avoid unwanted surprises, scheduling assignments in advance when possible.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

In a way, the relationship between Surya Travels and its chauffeurs is more like a relationship between business partners than a relationship between an employer and its employees: Surya and its chauffeurs share a mutually beneficial relationship, and each party works with the other to deliver consistent, high-quality performance.

Surya chauffeurs have the security of employment, but they also enjoy a measure of independence. Surya communicates with chauffeurs, listening to their voices and providing them with the tools and training they need to truly succeed.

This, then, is where the Surya Difference really comes from: chauffeurs who take pride in their company, who feel appreciated and valued, who commit themselves to the company’s success — which depends entirely on delivering the best customer experience possible at all times.